Fox Tattoo Neotrad - Sergy Black Hat - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Neo-traditional tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos A neo-traditional tattoo is one of the most iconic tattoo styles out there. It’s use of bold lines and colours can help you make a big statement, especially...

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Old School Skull and Wings Tattoo - Artist Portfolio - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin - James Kenned

The Skull Tattoo Trend

Put your own stamp on the skull tattoo trend There’s nothing quite as visually striking as a skull. Down through the years they’ve been synonymous with danger and the occult,...

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Art Tattoos

Are Tattoos Art?

How Tattoo Become an Art Tattoos have a long and complicated history. In different periods and different regions of the world, tattoos have been used to identify and used to...

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White Ink Tattoo Dublin

White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Colored Tattoos Have you been considering getting a white ink tattoo? Although white ink tattoos are far from new, they are gaining in popularity. Before you head to...

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Therapeutic Tattoo

Therapy Tattoo

Therapeutic Tattoo People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some get inked to stand out from the crowd, while others get tattoos to share part of their identity with...

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Tattoo hurts

Where Tattoos Hurt the Most

Tattoo Areas That Hurts Most “Will this hurt?” This is one of the most common questions tattoo artists receive from first-time clients. Even though the question is very common, it...

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Vegan tattoos

The Art of Vegan Tattoos

Vegan Tattoo Inspired Art Being vegan is more than what your great aunt describes as “not eating meat.” Being vegan is a lifestyle. You may want to share your passion...

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Scars Covered by Tattoo

Do tattoos cover scars?

Scars Covered by Tattoo People have varied philosophies when it comes to scars. Some wear their scars with pride, even referring to them as battle wounds or seeing them as...

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