What is a single needle tattoo?

The subtle, yet stunning look of single-needle tattoos

Tattoos don’t always have to be loud and colourful designs.

Sure, most people think of tattoos as a bold statement about themselves, and quite often they’re thinking ‘The bolder the better!’ However, others like the idea of a tattoo that’s a little subtler and more sophisticated.

This is why we are seeing more and more single-needle tattoos.

What is a single needle tattoo?

As opposed to the standard multi-needled technique, this style uses one needle to create designs with really fine lines – almost like someone is doing a pencil drawing on your skin. The result are tattoos which look elegant and refined.

Because of the one needle they are usually coloured black or grey (though not limited to those colours) and you’ll often find levels of shading that add complexity and depth.

How does single needle work?

Improvement in tattoo machines, needles and inks have allowed this wispy, pencil-sketch style to evolve. The technique uses a needle with a single tip, so the artist can add more precision to their work.

This means you can enjoy a subtler tattoo design, than say the traditional style, but also one with more intricate detail and precision in a small space.

Are single-needle tattoos the same as fine-line tattoos?

Not quite, fine-line tattoos can still use multi-tip needles. So, not every fine-line tattoo will be single-needle, but single-needle designs will produce the finest lines possible.

Does that mean single needle tattoos will hurt less?

Unfortunately, not. You may think that a single-needle tattoo will hurt less. However, because this technique focuses on outlines means that it could still hurt quite a bit, depending on what part of the body you have it done on.

So, is a single-needle tattoo for me?

We think they make really stylish tattoos, however design-wise, they may not suit exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember they are monochromatic and although they have lots of detail, they can lack impact compared to more traditional tattoos.

Also, if you already have some colourful, bold tattoos on your body, then getting a single-needle tattoo could be too much of a contrast.

However, if you’re looking for something that will be simple yet elegant, then a single-needle tattoo will be perfect for you.  Particularly if it’s a first tattoo and you’re a little unsure about going big and bold.

Come and talk to us about single-needle tattoos

If you like the sound of this style of tattoo, then why not call in to see us? We have our very own specialist in single-needle tattoos here, and they will be only too happy to show you what’s possible and talk you through the process.