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Dublin is an amazing city for tattoo lovers and the number of tattoo studios and tattoo artists is endless. We are fortunate to have a huge range of talented artists in town and we are proud that the best of them choose to join The Black Hat team - either as permanent tattoo artist or guest tattoo artist.

We at The Black Hat Tattoo are delighted to be one of the best tattoo studios in Dublin, and for a lot of you, probably the best tattoo studio ever. This achievement is due to the success of our values: quality, hard work and customer care. And we are proud to see that what we stand for and believe in is shared by more and more people around us.

However, we didn’t get here only because of the quality of our tattoo artists, body piercers and staff. A huge thanks to our customers who reach out to us not only in Dublin but from everywhere in the world with amazing ideas, good vibes, trust and support. Thanks for supporting us when we started. Thanks for spreading the word year after year to your loved ones, friends and mates. Thanks for helping us grow and for believing in what we believe.

We are pleased to share with you few samples of the work done at the studio by our amazing team of tattoo artists at our Tattoo Gallery. Check out our advice about the healing process, aftercare and tattoo prices.