Will tattoos cover stretch marks?

Replacing Stretch Marks with a Tattoo

Do you suffer from striae gravidarum? Although this sounds like a spell Harry Potter would perform, striae gravidarum is the medical term that describes stretch marks. We all know what stretch marks are, and if you are a mother, you are probably intimately familiar with how they alter your looks. Have you ever thought about trying to conceal those lovely marks that suddenly appeared while you were pregnant? Have you ever wondered if tattooing the area would cover your stretch marks? Read on to learn more about whether tattooing over stretch marks is a good idea or one that would be ill-advised.

Stretch marks are the long, narrow strips that occur on our skin when it is stretched too quickly. While pregnancy can cause stretch marks, they can also appear on people during puberty or after a rapid weight gain. Stretch marks can occur on the abdomen, breasts, hips, butt, and thighs.

How do tattoos look over stretch marks? That depends on the person.

Are your stretch marks wholly healed?

New stretch marks are more pronounced and sensitive than those that have been on your body for years. Newer stretch marks tend to be more raised, and then they settle down as your body heals.

What color are your stretch marks?

Stretch marks also tend to fade as they heal. If yours are still red or purple, you might want to wait until they resemble your own skin tone. Scar coloring can be difficult to predict. Some stretch marks become lighter as they heal and some become darker. Examine your body to see how your other scars have stood the test of time.

How wide and long are your stretch marks? 

The bigger your stretch marks, the harder it will be for a tattoo artist to design around them.

One of the most critical factors in whether or not you should get a tattoo over stretch marks is whether or not you plan to have another baby or gain or lose additional weight. What if you get a tattoo to hide your stretch marks, and then receive other scars from another pregnancy? How will additional scarring from quick weight gain affect your tattoo?

What are the risks of getting a tattoo over and around your stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very similar to scars. Scar tissue holds ink differently than healthy skin. It may be that your stretch marks are prominent or deep enough that the ink won’t take in certain areas.

Since tattooing scar tissue can be tricky, you need to be prepared for things to go wrong. It could be that your tattoo will look patchy. Your tattoo could also be more likely to fade over time.

While it is essential to give these warnings for the worst-case scenario, it could be that your tattoo artist will have no problem maneuvering around your less-than-perfect skin. It really depends on how severe and how many stretch marks you have.

So, you want to get a tattoo to hide your stretch marks. What is the first step?

First, you need to visit many different tattoo studios and talk with several artists. Ask the artist if he or she has any experience tattooing over and around stretch marks and examine portfolio photos. You may find that you prefer one artist’s work over another’s. Even if that particular artist charges more money for his or her art, save your money and hire the artist that impresses you most. The additional time waiting will also give you a long time to heal.

Next, talk with the artist about your likelihood of developing additional stretch marks through upcoming years. If you plan on having other children, your tattoo artist needs to know this to incorporate those potential changes in your body into the design of the tattoo.

Finally, it is time to pick a design for your tattoo. Some choose an organic, natural design to try to cover up stretch marks. The patterns and lines in leaves, trees, flowers, and animals can weave naturally into the patterns in your skin. Talk with a professional and ask his or her advice on what type of design would look the best.

Once you have picked your artist and design, it is time to get your tattoo. You may wonder if tattoos over stretch marks hurt more or less than tattoos on healthy skin. In general, damaged skin is more sensitive than healthy skin. Because of this, it may be painful to obtain a tattoo over your stretch marks. On the other hand, pain is relative. Everyone has a different pain threshold. If you have gone through pregnancy and childbirth to receive your stretch marks, perhaps you are tough enough to experience the pain of a tattoo.

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