Covid-19, Tattoo Studio Reopening How are we doing?

Tattoo Studio Reopening


We have reopened our premises to the public about a month ago on June 29th. We are lucky that our government managed early and well enough with the health crisis to allow us to get back to business sooner than the initial reopening roadmap.

Our most important goal during the lockdown was to ensure to have all our artists back in the studio. We did it, and that was a victory by itself. Others were not that lucky, and many tattoo artists are suffering right now.

After one month, we found it harder to reopen than it was to close. We have lost some habits, and it took us a couple of hours/days to get our mind back to work. We want to thank you for your patience and your phenomenal adapting qualities.

We miss touching, hugging each other. It is more challenging to bring a soul into work when we should be distant with each other. We used to love sharing lunch, and now we cannot share the canteen. It is weird but necessary to save lives and keep our economy working.

Before/After Tattoo Studio Makeover


What has been immensely helping for us was to look back to see where we came from as a team and a tattoo studio.

The Black Hat Tattoo opened in January 2017.

We have been operating exclusively with the space available upstairs until we had the time, energy, and financial resources to renovate the basement area.


Sergy and Lena have been building most of the place together night after night. I remember the time where we were working and tattooing six days a week to make it. We worked hard to get ourselves there.

It is imperative to accept that the Covid-19 impact us severely and to put ourselves in a dynamic of change not only locally as a tattoo studio but as a nation.

What Ireland do best is operating with little to no money but with outstanding human resources.

We believe we have a chance to make the best of it, and many opportunities lie in the darkness!

Support for Local Businesses

The national and global solidarity is impressive.  People are supporting local businesses, so are we.


We feel support, from colleagues as well as providers, and our clientele has been above everything demonstrating commitment and love.

We are in this together. The amount of solidarity demonstrated is still blowing our mind. In a short time, we seem to have accepted worldwide the uncertainty of everything.

We question our ways of working and our ways of consuming. We are back to what matters most. We have come to accept that change is the only certainty in life, and that is a big leap forward for humanity. We learn to rely on each other’s more, to accept charity, and, to value human contact.

Stay safe, work hard, get tattooed and never stop believing! We will not give up!

The Black Hat Covid-19 Protocols

We have created internal and external best practices to follow. We thought you might be interested in it. We realize the need to share our best practices not only with our customers but also with our industry. Feel free to download these guidelines, get inspired by it and give us feedback if you feel you want to do so.


My Tattoo Appointment

Best Practices for a Safe Work Environment