White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Colored Tattoos

Have you been considering getting a white ink tattoo? Although white ink tattoos are far from new, they are gaining in popularity. Before you head to your favorite artist to get a white ink tattoo, here are some things to consider before letting the needle touch your skin.

Choosing an artist

Even though they are growing in popularity, white ink tattoos are rarely requested. You may have a difficult time finding an artist that specializes in them.

If your artist has completed white ink tattoos before, he or she may not have any photos of the work. Getting a good picture of a freshly-done white ink tattoo is difficult.

Another reason that some artists may choose not to work with white ink is that it can be hard to see when injected into the skin. Since it is hard to see, it is harder to control where the ink goes.

Ask the artist if he or she is able to ink you with white ink. If an artist refuses, at least you know that you are working with a professional who knows and understands his or her limits.

If your artist does not work with white ink, you may have to make a difficult decision on whether the ink color is more important than the artist doing the work.

The process

The process behind getting a white ink tattoo is different than getting a traditional tattoo. First, the white ink has a different feel than the white pigment that is used in conventional tattoos. The white ink used in white tattoos is thicker in texture.

Some artists may recommend adding a tiny amount of colored ink to the mostly white ink to make the tattoo a bit more noticeable. Your tattoo will still look white, but it will just be a little bit easier to see.

A benefit of White Ink Tattoos

White tattoos can be an excellent choice for someone who works in an industry where visible tattoos are not allowed. Although white tattoos can be seen, they aren’t as apparent as traditional tattoos and may be overlooked by hiring managers.

White ink on different skin tones

An expert artist will be able to use white ink on any skin tone. He or she will find the perfect blend of ink for light or dark skinned individuals. Since the white ink is different than the traditional tattoo ink, it may be more difficult to judge if the white ink will stick to your skin or not. Because of this, you will need to choose a design carefully. Go in with an open mind and ask the artist his or her opinion.

How does white ink age?

Some say that white ink ages better than other inks. The pigments used in white ink are thicker, so it tends to last longer.

It is essential to keep in mind that a pure white ink tattoo is almost invisible in the beginning. Even though white ink tattoos fade less than traditional ink, any amount of fading that occurs with a white ink tattoo will make it even less visible than before.

Some people who have received white tattoos have complained that the color of the tattoo changes from white to yellow, beige, green, or pink. Some of these color changes may be caused by the tattoo receiving exposure to sunlight.

All tattoos need to be properly cared for, so they age well. Whether your artist is using white ink or colored ink for your tattoo, the more you care for your body and skin, the better your tattoo will age.

Use sunscreen (SPF 50) for the entire first year after getting new ink. Protect your tattoo from the sun and the sea.

Keep our tattoo clean. Wash it daily with a gentle, unscented soap.

Avoid gaining or losing too much weight. This could distort your tattoo.

If you are not able to make the commitment to care appropriately for your tattoo, you may consider getting a white tattoo in a place on your body that does not often see direct sunlight.

Remember, a skilled artist + good customer = stunning tattoos that will stay beautiful no matter the skin type or the ink color being used.

Design options

Ask your artist about what type of design would work best for a white ink tattoo.

Look at many samples of white ink tattoos in artist’s portfolios or online. You might want to check out designs on Pinterest before making your decision.

White tattoos done well can be striking.