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You are finally ready to book your amazing tattoo experience. Give us a call +353 1 56 15 663 or drop us an email to book an appointment.

Please contact our team prior to any deposit payment. They will confirm with you the artist availability, the time needed for your project and the quotation. A deposit is required for any appointment or drawing. You must give 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment or your deposit will be forfeited.

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A tattoo is always a collaboration between an artist and a client. Your artist may or may not send you a design before your appointment - depending on the project and the style/location of your chosen tattoo. It is the artist's decision to send you a draft a week before your tattoo session.

Our artists have various backgrounds, and they are selected for their competences and professionalism. When your artist decides to finish the last details with you on the day and time of your appointment, it might be because it is necessary to do so. If you want to discuss this further with your artist, a consultation is always recommended for bespoke tattoos.