Best Tattoo to Get in Ireland in 2024

What Tattoo Should I Get in Ireland?

Whether you have a drop of Irish blood or admire the culture, getting a tattoo that celebrates Irish heritage can be a significant decision. As we explore some popular Irish symbols, consider which resonates most with you.

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What is the Most Popular Tattoo in Ireland?

The Celtic (Irish) Cross

A blend of ancient and Christian symbolism, the Celtic Cross is more than a religious icon. Its intricate design, potentially predating Christianity, might represent the cardinal directions or the elements of earth, fire, air, and water. This symbol, rich in Irish history, makes for a deeply significant tattoo.

The Irish Harp

Beyond being an emblem on the Guinness bottle, the Irish Harp symbolizes national pride. Its roots in Celtic culture and its status as a symbol of resistance against British rule imbue it with a powerful historical significance.

The Shamrock

Globally recognized, the shamrock carries multiple meanings. To some, it's a Christian symbol; to others, a nod to Celtic tradition. Its triad of heart-shaped leaves make it a popular choice for those wanting to wear Irish pride on their sleeve.

Celtic Knot

Embodying the Celtic reverence for the number three, the Celtic Knot—with its endless loops—suggests eternal life. Its ambiguity in religious meaning allows it to be a versatile choice for a tattoo.

The Claddagh

Representing friendship, love, and loyalty, the Claddagh has a romantic backstory of a man crafting a ring for his true love after escaping slavery. It's a symbol that resonates with those who value these deep human connections.

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Some Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for a Celtic Trip

Creating an original Celtic tattoo while in Ireland can be a unique way to connect with the country's rich cultural heritage. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Celtic Astrology Fusion: Incorporate your personal zodiac sign with a Celtic symbol. For example, intertwine your astrological constellation with a Celtic knot or spiral.
  • Ancient Ogham Script with a Modern Twist: Use Ogham, the ancient Irish alphabet, to spell out a meaningful word or name. This can be artistically blended with modern design elements or other Celtic symbols like the triskele.
  • Irish Landscape and Celtic Artistry: Choose a favorite Irish landscape, like the rolling hills of Connemara or the rocky Burren, and render it in a Celtic art style, integrating knotwork or key patterns.
  • Personal Heritage Story: Combine Celtic symbols that represent different aspects of your heritage or life story. For example, a Celtic ship for a journey, a wolf for resilience, or an oak tree for strength.
  • Mythical Celtic Creatures in Contemporary Style: Design a tattoo featuring creatures from Celtic mythology, such as the majestic Irish Elk or the mythical Faerie, styled in a modern artistic approach.
  • Celtic Music Symbols: If music is your passion, consider a design that integrates Celtic musical symbols, like a harp or tin whistle, entwined with traditional knot patterns.
  • Combining Family Crests with Celtic Motifs: If you have a family crest or symbol, incorporate it with Celtic designs to create a tattoo that celebrates both your family history and Irish culture.

Remember, the key to an original tattoo is personalization. Work with a tattoo artist in Ireland who is experienced in Celtic designs to ensure your tattoo is not only unique but also holds true to traditional Celtic art forms.

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Where to Travel and Get Tattooed in Ireland in 2024?

When considering where to get tattooed in Ireland in 2024, Dublin, Galway, and Cork are among the most renowned cities for their vibrant tattoo scenes.


Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a hub for tattoo enthusiasts. The city's rich history and cultural diversity have fostered a dynamic tattoo scene. Dublin is known for its wide array of tattoo studios catering to various styles, from traditional Irish motifs to modern and avant-garde designs. The city's artistic ambiance, combined with a plethora of talented artists, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking unique and high-quality tattoos.


Galway, known for its artistic flair and cultural heritage, also boasts a significant tattoo culture. This city hosts the Galway Tattoo Show, attracting a variety of talented artists from around the world. Galway's tattoo studios often reflect the city's artistic and bohemian spirit, offering both traditional Celtic designs and contemporary artistic tattoos.


Cork, with its vibrant arts scene, is another great destination for tattoo enthusiasts. Though specific studio recommendations weren't found, the city is known to have a diverse range of skilled tattoo artists. Cork's creative environment contributes to a broad spectrum of tattoo styles and approaches, making it a promising place for those looking to get inked with something unique.

Each of these cities offers a unique tattoo experience, influenced by their individual cultural and artistic backgrounds. When planning to get a tattoo in Ireland, it's advisable to research the studios and artists in these cities to find the one that aligns best with your desired style and design.

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Most Popular Tattoo Convention to Get a Tattoo in Ireland in 2024

In 2024, Ireland is hosting several exciting tattoo conventions, each offering unique opportunities to get inked by renowned artists and engage with the tattoo community.

Galway Tattoo Show:

This event is one of the highlights in Galway, showcasing a mix of top Irish and international tattoo artists. It's an excellent venue for those interested in getting a tattoo and experiencing the rich tattoo culture. For more details, you can visit their official website.

Winter Tattoo Bash in Midleton:

Located in Midleton, Ireland, this is another noteworthy event for tattoo enthusiasts. Although not in Cork, it's relatively close and promises an engaging experience for attendees. The information can be found through tattoo convention listings for Ireland, such as on iNKPPL’s website.

The Dublin Tattoo Convention:

This convention is known as Ireland's biggest tattoo event and takes place at the RDS Arena in Dublin. It not only features over 250 of the best tattoo artists worldwide but also includes live entertainment and other exciting activities. For more information and tickets, you can check out their website.

Each of these conventions is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Ireland's vibrant tattoo culture, whether you're looking to get inked or just appreciate the art form. Remember to check the respective websites for the most current details, as event schedules and features can change.

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Final Thoughts

Embrace your Irishness or your love for Irish culture with these iconic symbols. Each tattoo choice tells a story steeped in history and meaning, making your Irish tattoo experience uniquely personal.

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