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Black Hat Tattoo Mission and Values

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Best Tattoo Artist Dublin - The Black Hat Tattoo


We are committed to deliver great customer experiences and a workplace filled with love, respect, discipline, and trust for our artists.

  •  Build long-lasting Tattoo Stories.
  •  Help Tattoo Artists fulfill their potential.
  •  Care for Tattoo Artists and Industry Experts.


Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - People First - The Black Hat Tattoo

People first

Experience is at the center of everything we do and we value human interactions. A tattoo is a collaboration between an artist and a client, and we aim to make this connection as smooth and comfortable as possible for all.

We focus on ensuring that our artist and team members are at ease to work and create on a daily basis. We believe that the work environment has a huge impact on what you produce and how you feel at work. We have therefore created an environment that encourages artists’ collaboration, communication, and positive feedback.

We select our team members among people with high potential who have excellent people skills as well as undeniable talent. Witness the fantastic energy that flows between people in the community of tattoos artists and tattoos enthusiasts.

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Excellence - The Black Hat Tattoo


Excellence is a discipline that requires hard work and dedication. We have a great passion to serve our vision and we set ambitious goals to achieve them. We strive for quality on every level of the organization - from customer interaction with the brand to every little detail in our artwork.

An artistic career asks for determination, conviction, and patience. Those who have chosen their work from the heart all share an inner strength that pushes them to strive for something more; something different.

It is not talent that makes you successful. Talent is a gift that you can either use or not; it will make you succeed in what you do by keeping your passion and perseverance when you face adversity. When you know that failure isn’t permanent and you keep striving for your long-term objectives, nothing can stop you. The path isn’t always bright and easy but the reward is worth it.

Practice makes perfect and we thrive to constantly improve our methods and services to better serve our community. We value our customers’ feedback as much as our team members' suggestions to ameliorate our services.

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Respect - The Black Hat Tattoo


We believe in long-lasting relationships and aim to build a strong community.

Mutual respect is one of the keys to realizing our ambition.

Putting your trust in others is a big step during any tattoo process and when collaborating with others. Much of our energy focuses on building solutions instead of creating problems. We show responsibility in choosing the products we use and how we apply our services.

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Creativity - The Black Hat Tattoo


All our artists and team members within our community continually challenge themselves in everything they do. We value independent initiatives and believe that thinking out of the box is the best base for innovation and improvement

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Team Spirit - The Black Hat Tattoo

Team Spirit

We believe that good ideas become great projects because of the people that make them. This is not always skills or great people that change the world. It is the right mind-set plus a little effort and perseverance.

We all learn with and from each other by listening and keeping our minds open. We see ourselves as a community more than a company where everyone in the organization is important. We love seeing how we influence each other. We know that we are stronger together. Building a great team spirit is one of our most important core values.

Tattoo Dublin - Black Hat Tattoo Values and Mission - Diversity - The Black Hat Tattoo


We love diversity. Besides welcoming artists from various backgrounds, cultures, and styles, we also respect various lifestyle, opinions, and creations. We try to find the right balance between individual freedom of opinion and what would be the best interest of the group. Opening ourselves to others and being authentic is a gift and a great way to learn and open your mind.