The Skull Tattoo Trend

Put your own stamp on the skull tattoo trend

There’s nothing quite as visually striking as a skull.

Down through the years they’ve been synonymous with danger and the occult, from the grim reaper to the pirates of the Caribbean.

And skulls, traditionally, have an immortal or spiritual element to them too, like the ones you’ll find on a biker’s jacket or at the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

So, it makes sense that a skull tattoo will give you an edginess and coolness that other designs can only dream of, while at the same time be really meaningful to you.

What a skull tattoo says about you

Wearing a skull tattoo tells everyone to watch out, that there’s more to you than meets the eye. It can tell everyone you’re aware of your own mortality, or your desire for immortality.

Whatever it is about skulls, we’re finding that more and more people are asking us for their very own tattoo.

Here are some or the reasons why:

You love your bikes

Think of a biker and you’ll think of a Harley Davison, a black leather jacket and skulls.  Two of the world’s most famous biking clubs feature a skull as their emblem, the winged skull of a Hells Angel and the skull and pistons of the Outlaws.

Back in the 50s, these gangs were among the first to sport modern tattoos as a badge of their identity. And in doing so, they created the classic templates that remain awesome to this day.

To them, these skulls represented speed, power and living life to the full. They realised no-one escapes death, so why have any hang-ups or fears about it? The skull for them also represented a freedom from the safety and banality of modern life.

So, getting a biker style skull tattoo carries on that tradition. It’s not just about being a rebel.

You want to celebrate or transcend the idea of death

The idea of death doesn’t have to be morbid or macabre. For some of us, it’s a way of remembering our loved ones. For others, the skull represents our immortality – it is after all the most human part of you that will endure, long after you are gone.

Many cultures around the world have also lent a spiritual meaning to skulls, like the calaveras (sugar skulls) dedicated to deceased loved ones at El Dia de Meurtos in Mexico.

The beautiful colourful patterns of these calaveras inspire some wonderful tattoos, as can the more traditional and minimalist looks like our old friend, the grim reaper.

They’re simply just cool

You don’t really need a big reason to know just how amazing a skull tattoo can be. They simply make one of the most striking statements possible.  And especially for this reason, we’re finding that more and more people are inspired to get one.

But skull tattoos are mainly for guys, yes?

Due to the biker connection then traditionally, yes, this was once a tattoo for men.  However, times have changed, and more and more women are now getting them too.

It’s such a symbolic icon that a skull transcends any idea of gender, as well as mortality. After all, we all have one, right?

So, is there a certain style of tattoo I should go for?

No, the beauty of the skull form and shape is that they lend themselves to all kinds of styles and combinations. You’ll find classic skull templates in realistic, blackwork, traditional and many more styles.

You can really personalise the look and bring whatever meaning you want to it.

Think a skull tattoo might be for you?

We’d love to see you in our studio, whether you’re ready to get inked, or just want to talk to us about the process. Whatever you’d like to do, we’ll always be on hand to give you the most beautiful and most meaningful skull tattoo out there.

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