2019 Tattoo Trends in Ireland

Trending Tattoos in Ireland 2019

The number of people getting tattoos is growing. In fact, 38% of people across the world have at least one tattoo.

What are the global tattoo trends? It’s easier to determine this than ever before because super-smart people can figure out what types of tattoos are being searched for online.

Analyzing Pinterest searches has been especially telling. Look for the percentage of people having at least one tattoo to increase in the next year since “tattoos” has been ranked in the top-20 most searched terms on the site for the last three years.

Here are some popular searches relating to tattoos.

Red Ink Designs

Although red ink is not new to the tattoo scene, it seems to be growing in popularity. Favorite images include roses and other flowers, mandalas, hearts, dragons, scorpions, and EKG/heartbeat lines.

If you have been tattooed before with red ink, you are probably okay in getting a red-only design for your next tattoo. However, it is essential to know that red ink is the most common color that causes allergic reactions in people.

3-D Tattoos

From butterflies that look as if they are about ready to take a flight to tattoos that show the “inside” of people, 3-D tattoos are definitely growing in popularity.

Many tattoos express the inner feelings of the person who chose the design. But 3-D tattoos can take it a step further. Tattoos showing a person’s skin being pushed aside to reveal the inner workings of the body allow people to show others what makes them “tick.”

Whether your inner self shows a robotic form or your tattoos shows realistic images of muscles and tendons is up to you. Perhaps your tattoos will reveal your inner rock star or mythical creature. What’s inside you that is screaming to get out?

Some say that 3D tattoos are especially popular for individuals hoping to cover long, thin scars. They look at the lines as openings to the core of their bodies and take this idea and run with it. Talk with your favorite tattoo artist if you have a scar you would like to incorporate into a design. Sometimes tattooing over and around scar tissue is tricky.

Detailed Florals

Some reports say that women are getting more tattoos now then men. Since tattoos are growing in popularity at a high rate for women, it is not a surprise that the most-searched-for designs are ones that may appeal to females.

Those seeking unique tattoo designs are looking at Mother Nature for inspiration. Even though roses still tend to get a lot of play, daintier designs and floral bouquets are gaining in popularity.

Some artists enjoy the flexibility of these designs. The intermingling of the stems and petals allow for the artist to play with the shape of the image that enables them to find something that truly fits with the woman’s body.

Floral bouquets also allow the artist to focus on the intricate color patterns found in nature. When you look closely at flowers, you don’t see red, pink, or blue. You see varying shades of colors that blend to create one perfect bloom. A talented artist can mimic this subtlety of color and shading to create a fantastic tattoo design.

Ear Tattoos

Have you ever spent time truly studying your ear? The intricate structure of its curves and folds is now a favorite spot for tattoos.

Some choose to tattoo delicate lines to decorate the ear lobe and surrounding areas. You might want to ask a tattoo artist if he or she has ever done a tattoo on this delicate spot. It may be a difficult spot to tattoo because of the amount of cartilage in the area. It is also tricky because of the tininess of the area.

The result of a tattoo on and around the ear can be beautiful and unique. The choice of earrings can complement the design as well.

Side Boob Tattoos

As mentioned before, currently more women are entering tattoo studios than men. It is not surprising that the phrase “side boob tattoos” is gaining in popularity in online searches.

It’s no wonder a side boob area is a favorite place for a tattoo. It can be easily covered when necessary, but it can also be easily displayed while wearing a swimsuit or revealing top. The natural curve of the area works well for many floral or feather designs.

If you are searching for a design for your next tattoo, talk with your favorite tattoo artist for inspiration. Spend time online to study the trends, but at the same time, a tattoo should be a reflection of you, not of others in society.

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