The Art of Vegan Tattoos

Vegan Tattoo Inspired Art

Being vegan is more than what your great aunt describes as “not eating meat.” Being vegan is a lifestyle. You may want to share your passion and lifestyle with others in the form of a tattoo.

Vegan tattoo designs

According to tattoo artists, vegan tattoos are growing in popularity. More customers are requesting art celebrating plant-based diets, especially the heart with the leaf embedded into the design. Others choose the word “vegan” to be inked on their skin. Some use sayings such as “friends, not food,” “here with us, not for us,” or “mud not blood.” Miley Cyrus is probably the most famous person who has celebrated her vegan lifestyle with a tattoo.

Perhaps you live a vegan lifestyle but instead would like to celebrate another part of your life or personality by getting a tattoo. Whether your design is about veganism or something entirely different, it is essential for you to understand that some tattoo studios are more vegan-friendly than others.

The problem with traditional tattoo supplies
You may not have realized that some tattoo inks and after-care products contain animal-derived products.

Glycerine, often used as a stabilizer in ink, is derived from animal fats. Glycerine is also found on disposable razor strips and some soaps.

Beetles may be used in ink as well, specifically in the shellac.

Gelatine and bone char can be found in black inks to increase the amount of pigment.

Lanolin, which is derived from sheep’s wool, is used to make stencil papers. Lanolin may also be used in aftercare balms, along with beeswax.

Of course, you wouldn’t choose to have a vegan tattoo with products made and derived from animals. So what do you do?

PETA-recommended inks and products
According to PETA’s website, you have other options. There are vegan-friendly brands of tattoo inks on the market now. They include Eternal, StarBrite, SkinCandy, and Stable Color.

PETA also recommends tattoo after-care products that are vegan-friendly as well. They include Merry Hempsters Vegan Hemp Tattoo Balm, Black Cat Vitamin Infusion Serum, Ohana Organics Tattoo Butter, or jojoba oil, olive oil, or shea butter.

Vegan-friendly tattoo studios

How do you know if your tattoo studio uses vegan-friendly products? Vegan tattoo studios are popping up all over the world in metropolitan areas. A quick Google search will help you find vegan-friendly tattoo studios in your area.

Is vegan ink safer?

Perhaps you are not a vegan, but you have heard that vegan ink is safer than the traditional ink used in most tattoo studios around the world. Should you go to a vegan tattoo studio so these safer products can be used on you?

According to World Famous Tattoo Ink, one of the companies that sell vegan inks, their ink is “better for immunity and overall health” and “safer on the skin.” This claim may be a marketing gimmick. According to the Tattoo Ink Research junior group leader for the German Federal Insititute of Risk Assessment, there seems to be little difference between vegan ink and traditional ink as far as the number of impurities in the products. One difference that was noted was that the number of people who may experience an allergic reaction to shellac might be reduced with the use of vegan inks since vegan inks do not contain shellac.

In conclusion, it seems that the claims made by the vegan ink companies may be more marketing claims that those backed by scientific study and research. Does vegan ink last as long as traditional ink?
The short answer is “yes.” Most tattoos fade, but tattoos made with vegan ink last just as long as tattoos done with regular ink. How quickly the tattoo will fade depends on several factors. Tattoos made in yellows, oranges, or pale colors will fade faster than tattoos that are made with black, blue, red, and brown inks.

Tattoos placed in areas that require frequent exfoliating may fade faster than tattoos on other areas of your body.

Practicing proper aftercare can keep your tattoo from excessively fading over time. It is important to remember to stay out of the sun or to use a plant-based sunscreen. It is also important to remember to apply a thin layer of moisturizer over the tattoo periodically.

How do you know if your tattoo artist uses vegan ink or not?
It is safe to assume that most tattoo artists who are not listed as “vegan-friendly,” use ink that has animal-derived products. If you aren’t sure, it is entirely appropriate to ask the type of ink used in the studio and do a little research on your own.

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