Join the Black Hat Tattoo adventure by becoming a franchisee

34 - The Black Hat Tattoo

Black Hat franchise helps entrepreneurs willing to invest in the tattoo industry to achieve their goals faster by providing them with a turnkey program and ongoing support.

Unlike most tattoo businesses, Black Hat delivers top ecosystems for artists, excellent customer service, powerful management skills, and organizational tools. This differentiation has proven to be successful for our existing implantations.

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Artists focus more on their art, it’s good for artists, and it’s good for our clients.

The Black Hat helps talented art creators who want to grow to connect with clients by providing an all-in-one space and services marketplace. Instead of dealing with multiple providers and time-consuming activities, art creators reach their goals faster within a framework designed exclusively for them and can focus on doing what they love.

A strong partnership!

A team at your side dedicated to your success!

We're with you every step of the way on your Black Hat journey : 

  • The constitution of your file
  • The study of the project
  • Delivery of contract documents
  • Finding commercial space
  • Setting up the point of sale
  • Training
  • Daily monitoring
  • Communication campaigns

The model of our Black Hat franchise:

Contract: Franchise Agreement 

Contract duration: 10 years

Personal contribution:  50 000€

Entrance fees: 15 000€

Management fees : 3% of turnover 

Marketing fees : 3% of turnover 

How is the candidate process going?

The perfect path to opening a Black Hat Tattoo shop …

1 - You fill out the contact form below

2 - We contact you

3 - We meet each other

4 - Your application is accepted

5 - You are looking for commercial space and we provide you with the DIP

6 -  The premises are validated, and you sign the franchise contract

7 - The work of the shop is carried out and you are trained

8 - It's time to open your tattoo parlor


Are you interested in the Black Hat Tattoo concept and would you like to be contacted for more information? We invite you to complete the form below.