Tattoo Gallery

Sergy Black Hat Tattoo Session - Dragon Tattoo Design - Dublin 2018 - The Black Hat Tattoo

Whether if you are looking for an idea, an artist or searching online to find an amazing place to get inked in Dublin, you found the right place! Our tattoo gallery groups a few pictures of the artwork done at our studio located in Parnell Street, Dublin.

We organized our work in this gallery to introduce you to the different styles of tattoos we offer.

Vignette Gallery Biomechanical - The Black Hat Tattoo

Each artist at The Black Hat tattoo studio has different skills, style and preferences but we all share the same passion for our art and the search of excellence. We are proud to offer Dublin’s finest and stunning tattoo art from various and talented tattoo artists that collaborate with us. Check our gallery.

We are passionate about the way we can use the inks, styles and techniques to produce more vibrant and stunning pieces of art year after year. Our field has been going through a real change for a few years and as artists this is the best time possible to be involved in the tattoo world and participate in theses major changes.

At The Black Hat Tattoo, we are really picky about the quality of ink we use and we follow the news and recommendations of our industry to provide high quality tattoos that respect the skin of our customers.

Tattoos have become popular and the number of studios in Dublin and in the world have increased more these past few years than ever before. Whether you are searching for an artist and/or a studio either for a full sleeve tattoo, a cover-up tattoo or for a first tattoo, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and advertising that you find all over internet. We tried to keep it simple but feel free to reach us if you have any questions.