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The Black Hat Tattoo Studio in Dublin

The Black Hat Tattoo Studio, located in Dublin Ireland, offers a variety of tattoo designs with a team bursting with a variety of styles and artistry. At The Black Hat, we strive to be Dublin’s very best tattoo parlor. With our values being cemented in quality, hard work, and customer care, the team prides themselves on the amazing ideas, good vibes, trust, and support they bring to the table. As with all tattoo parlors, we offer a multitude of designs and variety to fulfill all our clientele needs. If you have any questions about your next tattoo or piercing, do not hesitate to contact us with your project ideas. Book a free consultation online or walk right on in the studio, located at 11/12 Parnell Street Dublin 1.

Tattoo Consultation

As the client, you always want to leave the studio with an excellent piece of art from one of our artists. As with all artists around the world, The Black Hat Tattoo Studio artists like to sit down and work one on one with the clients to ensure that they get the tattoo they rightfully deserve. This allows the artist to home in on their strong suits and styles. All the artists in The Black Hat have their specialty trademarks when it comes to designing a tattoo. When planning out your next tattoo, it is crucial to ensure that you work with an artist with the same artistic vision and design in mind. Let’s go over some of the most popular tattoo designs here in Dublin, Ireland.

Traditional Style Tattoo

Traditional style tattoo has been around since the dawn of tattooing and is a trademark look all around the world. When someone spots the bold lines, bright colors and iconic designs that often accompanies the trademark style, it is a surefire way to spot a traditional tattoo. Known for iconic flash designs like the roses, anchors, and gorgeous lady heads, traditional style tattoos are perfect for those who want something simple yet aesthetic. Here at The Black Hat, James is particularly known for his old school, traditional tattoos. Focusing on every client’s project like it were his own, one can easily get lost in James’s vibrant portfolio of traditional designs.

Neo-Traditional Designs

Another subset of traditional style tattooing is neo-traditional designs. This tattoo style is focused on embracing and paying homage to traditional tattoos by borrowing the elements of bold lines and the recognizable color palettes, but also integrating more dimensional and innovative designs. Think of it as putting a spin on things while also paying homage to the past. Neo-traditional designs are also quite popular around Dublin. With its roots embedded in the traditional American theme, neo-traditional designs are a hit for those who wish to blend animation with realism.

Watercolor Style Tattoos

Watercolor style, like traditional and neo-traditional, focuses on an aesthetic design with a variety of colors. The style is in extremely high demand. If done correctly, watercolor designs can give the appearance of pastel art on human skin. Watercolor tattoos are all about mixing artistic vision with a beautiful color palette to create a one-of-a-kind tattoo for the client. Here at Black Hat Tattoo, Mael specializes in watercolor designs to create a colorful and specialized tattoo every single time.

Realistic Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a design that’s as real as it gets, look no further than realism designs. As the name suggests, realism tattoos focus on bringing pictures and artistry to life-based on replicating or creating a real-life depiction of anything imaginable. Most designs done in realism fashion are done in black and grey to help contrast the light and dark tones. Portraits and depictions of nature are often done with realism to help capture the fine artistry behind the stencil. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Sergy of Black Hat Tattoo specializes in realistic, black and grey work. Sergy’s ability to freehand and customize any design while adding his own flare makes him one of the studio’s most versatile artists.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs are recognizable all around the world for its tradition and culture. Known for its diverse linework and imagery, tribal tattoo designs often carry some sentiment of religion or culture with every intricate detail. Although tribal designs are all unique in their own special rights, they are almost always done in black ink with elaborate line patterns. Some of the most popular places to get a tribal design would be the forearm or shoulders.

Script Designs

Last but not least, we have script designs. Script tattoos are extremely popular all around the globe because it focuses on the power of language and communication. In layman’s terms, script designs are usually meaningful quotes, lyrics, dates, or names that hold some personal and sentimental value to the clientele. Script designs are all about fonts and how the words are accentuated on the skin of the canvas. These tattoos come in all sizes – large or small; they can be found on any part of the body where the reading is applicable. All the artists at The Black Hat Studio have their own spin on fonts and script work.

Our Tattoo Team

Choosing an artist to ink your skin forever can be a hard decision. Choosing the tattoo design and style for your skin can be even harder. At Black Hat Tattoo in Dublin Ireland, our team always operates with a high level of artistry and professionalism. To find an artist at the shop most suited to fulfill your needs and design, simply walk on in or book a consultation online.

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