Why do tattoo artists do guest spots ?


What is a Guest Artist or Guest Spot?


A guest Artist is a professional tattoo artist who creates artwork outside of his regular tattoo studio. This person is invited to work at another studio for a certain period of time. Studios use this method to create diversity in the workplace, it also allows them to reach out to a new type of customer. Being a guest is something that is non-permanent, it depends on the agreement between the artist and the shop, their contract can be a few days and can go up to a couple months. 

Guest artists may be invited to work at a host shop for a variety of reasons, including to provide clients with access to a wider range of styles and techniques, to bring new talent, fresh perspectives and to provide exposure and opportunities for guest artists to build their portfolios and reputation.

The artists are typically responsible for bringing their own equipment and supplies, and for providing their services in accordance with the host shop's policies and procedures.

Why do Tattoo Artists do Guest Spots ?


Guest spots give you the opportunity to do what you love, somewhere a bit different.

There are many reasons as to why a tattoo artist is in research of a guest spot, here are some of them:

Gain Experience while doing a guest spot

Experience: The gain of experience is a factor of looking for a guest spot, while working in a new environment, other artists will pass on their knowledge and that can be only beneficial, he/she will have the opportunity if guesting long enough to learn new ways of tattooing or even discover a pleasing for a new style. 

When travelling abroad, an artist will find himself confronted to new clientele who will have requests that can be totally different to what they are used to in their country and this will bring a sense of freshness to their work, it also will challenge them to get out of their comfort zone.

Guest spot & Traveling

An artist may also want to travel and search for something different in order to make new experiences and create memories while working in another country/city. One of the top reasons many artists opt to choose where to work is the chance to travel. Explore a new culture and experience a city or a country's locations. As business holders and independent artists, it can often be difficult to take a break, but guest spotting can give you the opportunity to take a vacation while continuing to work!

Guest spots are a wonderful way to gain international recognition and to build a name for yourself around the globe.

To earn additional income

Tattoo artists may choose to do guest spots to supplement their income, especially if their regular shop is closed for a period of time.

Ultimately, guest spotting can be a great opportunity for tattoo artists to broaden their horizons and build their careers.

How to find a guest spot as a tattoo artist ?

Finding a guest spot as a tattoo artist can be challenging but as an artist you probably have developed connections in your store or in your local area. These relationships can help you find the best spot suited for you as a guest.


Social media is a great way to inform the Tattoo community that you are looking for a guest spot, for example, on Facebook there are special groups such as  “Tattoo Artists Wanted” who focus on guests and resident artists applications.  

Tattoo conventions are the perfect place for a tattoo artist to diversify their relationships, they can use this time to build relationships with other stores and artists while participating or watching the convention’s competition.

It's important to keep in mind that parlours from all over the world participate in tattoo conventions. The artist must be willing to travel to the store's location before approaching the artists with his/her application.

To have a better chance of being selected to be a guest in a tattoo studio you should be prepared: Before reaching out, make sure you have a solid portfolio and a professional demeanor. Be ready to answer questions about your style, experience, and availability, you must also be open to negotiation on terms and compensation.

Once the artist has made a list of places he would like to be invited to, it is important to take the time to check with the owner to see if they're interested in providing you with a spot in their store and what the terms of that spot are.

Remember that guest spots can be competitive, and it may take time and effort to secure a position. Be patient and persistent, and don't be afraid to reach out to multiple shops and make your interest in guest spotting known. By networking, showcasing your work, and being prepared, you can increase your chances of finding a successful guest spot as a tattoo artist.

How long does a guest tattoo spot last ?

A guest spot can last a few days and/or weeks, months. As said before, the amount of time depends on the tattoo artist and shop’s agreement.


In some cases, guest spots may be scheduled in advance, with the guest artist and host shop agreeing on a specific start and end date. In other cases, the length of the guest spot may be more flexible, with the guest artist staying for as long as there is demand for their services.

Regardless of the length of the guest spot, it is important for the guest artist and host shop to have a clear agreement in place, outlining the terms of the arrangement and the responsibilities of each party. This can help to ensure a smooth and successful guest spot experience for everyone involved.

Depending on the notoriety of the tattoo parlour or the artist and the city in which he is working, the number of bookings will be more, or on the opposite less successful but we do recommend a longer stay for a guest spot if it is agreed on.

Why tattooing abroad ? 


Tattooing abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience for tattoo artists. Some of the reasons why tattoo artists choose to work abroad include:

·        An Exposure to new cultures and styles: Tattooing abroad can provide an opportunity to experience new cultures and to be exposed to different styles and techniques in the tattoo industry.

·        Opportunities for personal and professional growth: Working abroad can challenge an artist to adapt to new environments and to expand their skills, which can lead to personal and professional growth.

·        Building their portfolio: Tattooing abroad can provide an opportunity for artists to add unique and diverse tattoos to their portfolios, which can help them to attract new clients and secure future work.

·        Increased earning potential: Tattoo artists may be able to earn more money by working in countries with higher demand for tattoos or higher rates of pay.

·        Adventure and travel: Tattooing abroad can be an exciting way to travel and see the world while still doing what they love.

However, tattooing abroad can also present challenges, such as navigating different cultural and legal requirements, adapting to new environments and equipment, and overcoming language barriers. It's important for artists to carefully research and prepare for a tattooing abroad experience to ensure a positive and productive experience.

 What are the restrictions and rules of doing a guest spot as a tattoo artist ?


The restrictions and rules of doing a guest spot as a tattoo artist vary depending on the country and state you are in, but some common ones include:

·        Health and Safety Regulations: Many countries require that guest tattoo artists follow strict health and safety regulations, such as using new, sterilized equipment and following proper aftercare protocols.

·        Licensing: In some countries, tattoo artists are required to have a professional license to practice, which must be up-to-date and valid in the country where they are working.

·        Insurance: Many shops require guest artists to have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents or mistakes that occur while they are working.

·        Representation: Guest artists are often required to represent the host shop in a professional manner, which can include wearing a specific uniform or following specific protocols for interacting with clients.

·        Pay and Commission: The arrangement for payment and commission for guest spots can vary widely, and it is important for guest artists and host shops to have a clear agreement in place before the work begins. Some shops may offer a flat fee for the guest spot, while others may pay a percentage of the revenue generated by the guest artist.

·        Artistic Freedom: Shops have restrictions on the styles and techniques that guest artists can use, while others may allow for more artistic freedom.

It is important for guest tattoo artists to research the specific restrictions and rules for guest spots in the state or country where they are working, as well as to communicate with the host shop to ensure that they understand and can comply with all relevant regulations.

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