The Gubernatis team

The team in Nice, France welcomes you with pleasure and kindness. Discover international tattoo artists who have come to join us for a few days or a few months.

We believe that a tattoo is a form of art

We all deserve high-level skills and dedication to our work. At The Black Hat Tattoo our aim is to excel in excellence to create high quality custom tattoo designs.

All our artists at The Black Hat Tattoo Studio have completed proper and complete training and they are skilled to assist you with any design you prefer.

We believe that a good artist is comfortable in different techniques. Like all artists, tattoo artists have their own style, specializing in what they are good at. Some tattoo artists are better at fine line tattoos, others at realism or portraits, and some of them only specialize in black and grey. Others love a colorful piece of work. And like all other artists, only a few talented ones can realize almost everything.

Please check the resident and guest artist portfolio on our website or on our Instagram account. You can look at the work and drawings of this artist to get an idea of what he likes to do. Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation to meet one of our artists.