Old School or American traditional Tattoo

Old school or American Traditional Tattoos are timeless tattoos coming from rich heritage and tradition. Known worldwide as the first and most popular western tattoo style they came back in to style again few years ago and are now one of the most popular style in Ireland. The style was first used in the early 1900-1950’s with a limited selection of ink colors available.

This classic traditional style relied on bold, heavy, black outlines, very little shading, strong colors such as green, red, yellow, sometimes blue or brown. These are tattoos built to last, the strong outlines and color blocks stand out well. The design remains relatively simple, most popular subject were army or navy tattoo for sailors or soldiers, pin-up girls, eagles, snake, heart and dagger, swallow, roses with banners and simple lettering.  Due to the period, mostly men were inked.

Old school tattoos are not only for men anymore, there is a lot of creativity and talented tattoo artist in our field that produce exclusive modern flash or custom design that follow the strict rules of traditional tattoos for both men and women. You can stick with the traditional designs or go for a modern ink idea mixing in with a classic tattoo style, the possibilities are endless. Why not try an old-school butterfly or a strong Celtic cross with bold lines and strong colors in the strict tattoo tradition?

There is a wide range of tattoo artists and tattoo studio in Dublin that are skilled in Old School Tattoo, the choice is all yours. You should find the right artist for you that is passionate for this long tradition. In The Black Hat Tattoo, we have two artist skilled in traditional tattoo, one of them is specialized only in this style and just cannot stop creating new stunning amazing pieces of art.