Neotraditional Tattoo

What are Neotraditional Tattoos? 

The Neotraditional tattoo style is intrinsically linked to the American Traditional or Old School. Neo means New; Neo-traditional has to be understood as the new old school. Often called New School, it has been the style of the tattoo revolution introduced by pioneers and is still a prevalent one. 

New School or Neotraditional is appealing for many reasons. First, with bold shapes and outlines, Neotraditional Tats makes gorgeous large-scale pieces. You might consider it if you want to get a sleeve or a design on your thigh. Additionally, they offer a more extensive range of pigment set and therefore, possibilities.

How to recognize a Neotraditional Tattoo? 

Neotraditional tattoos share bold lines with the Traditional style, adding a broader range of colors and shading. You can recognize the bright choice of nuances and freedom in the design. These tattoos are built to last and the sharp outlines and colors blocks stand out. Advances in techniques and technologies, better inks and more colors allow the best artists to keep the Old School bold line touch with the modern, urban touch that makes these tattoos vibrant and stunning. Basically, Neotraditional Tattoos are easily identifiable by the nuances they carry in their designs. 

Neotraditional Tattoos for All Designs? 

You will often see neotraditional or new school popular tattoo ideas such as a colorful butterfly or moth, roses, dragon, swallow, or other fresh tattoo ideas. Cartoon inspirations, fantasy, comic heroes. Nothing is off-limits, and it is easy to understand why highly creative artists from Dublin and around the world feel comfortable with this typical tattoo style. 

Black and Grey or Colors? 

Neotraditional tattoos can be black, Grey or various colors. Some artists work exclusively with black and grey when others choose to specialize in colors. Some even work with a limited amount of shades of a unique tint to add depth. There is no limit on the variety of designs. Our team here at The Black Hat Tattoo have limitless imagination when it comes to amazing you with custom designs. There is no challenge that our talented artistic team cannot take. 

Neotraditional Tattoo