Small Tattoos Ideas

Small Tattoos or Big Scale Ink? 

Let’s face it, the variety and level of artists are so impressive that we cannot blame you for having a lot of small ones rather than getting a full bodysuit tattoo straight away. After all, Vincent Van Gogh himself said: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Besides the variety of designs, small tattoos such as Minimalist, DotWork, or Line Work, are perfect for those who want to minimize the pain. Numerals, delicate script, single line, or a tiny heart on the wrist, options are vast, and it is a pleasure to see the latest small tattoos trends.

No Matter The Size, Small Tattoos Are Awesome!

At The Black Hat Tattoo, our fantastic team of artists loves small tattoos as much as the big ones. We believe that, no matter your artistic talent, a tattoo, big or small, will only become art if it is done with love. 

If you are adding one more small quote tattoo or a hand tattoo to your existing collection, we believe that you deserve the same attention as if you asked us for a full sleeve. That’s why we value our small tattoos. Our team at The Black Hat Tattoo is always excited to add some new ink to your tattoo collection. It’s addictive; you will definitely be back soon! 

Small Tattoo and First Tattoo Experience

We all started with a small tattoo so we care so much about small tattoo or first tattoo customers. Ask our team of tattoo artists here in Dublin to tell you the story of their first tattoo - it was almost always a small one. There are only a few brave ones who go for a full back tattoo for their first one, but most of us only have a lovely collection of small pieces. 

We believe that your first tattoo experience is the most important one; it’s the tattoo you are certainly going to remember forever, so it matters that this experience is a wonderful one. 

Small Tattoos Ideas