Quote and Script Tattoo

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” What do you think about this? Pretty cool quote from Emile Zola, right?

Lettering is a classic tattoo category, often underestimated in conventions or even by customers. When putting a little effort into it, working on the typography and final result to match the area of the body, lettering tattoos become a completely independent art form. And, like all art forms, it requires patience and artwork. Often, adjusting the calligraphy by hand before the session requests the same effort and time than inking on the skin. 

Like other styles, not all artists appreciate Lettering Tattoos or feel comfortable with it. It does matter to use a tattoo artist that is actually into the lettering tattoo style to achieve excellent results for the project you are looking for.

What Lettering and Script Tattoos Say About You

We’ve all been and will continue to be inspired by beautiful poetry, song lyrics, talented authors, or quotes that inspires us. They sometimes help us to understand the deep meaning of life or give us hope when feeling down. Travel, hope, and family bonds are popular themes when it comes to writing it permanently onto your skin. We also see amazing ideas of tattoos as a rite of passage or to represent a recovery after physical or spiritual trauma. Look twice next time this lovely tattooed lady crosses your path, you are undoubtedly seeing a beautiful soul. 

How to chose a Lettering Tattoo? 

Script and quote tattoos are excellent choices and good fits for anybody. There are words in the flesh and stories behind them that makes it worth going through the tattoo process. There are font, designs, language, and ink choices that make each of them unique. There are deep emotion and meanings when you go for such a commitment. From the font, you chose to the exact words inked into your skin. The journey of these type of tattoos is unpredictable, fascinating, and seems to never end. Some artists specialize in lettering, and their creativity and patience are impressive. 

Quote and Script Tattoo