Realistic and portrait Tattoo

Realistic Tattoos: A Path of Excellence

For realism, we are proud to have one of the best tattoo artists in Ireland at our studio in Dublin. Big or small tattoo ideas, they are up to anything you can imagine, and the result is always breathtaking. 

Our tattoo artists work in black and grey or colors. You will often see that some artists chose to specialize in reaching excellence in this style to do photo portraits or high creativity custom designs. Eastern Europe and Russian tattoo artists challenge the tattooing art field with several skilled and talented artists from this part of the world. 

Realistic Tattoos: Everything Is Possible

When it comes to realism, you can find a wide range of ideas and designs. The most asked for realistic tattoo designs are realistic skulls, photo portraits, photorealism, flowers, animals, or wildlife tattoos. Tattooists can even mix different styles together such as realism and geometric tattoos to give a more profound effect on a mandala tattoo, or a stone effect to a Celtic or Irish tattoo design. 

Portrait tattoos and photorealism ink have been on the rise in the past years. To enter into a career as a photorealism tattooist, one should first be an eminent portraitist. Realistic tattoos are all about catching where the light comes from and how it affects the effect on paper and skin. 

Choosing your Realistic Tattoo Artist: Seek for Experience and Skills

When it comes to searching for a realistic tattoo, you have to pick your artist more carefully than possibly any other tattoo style. Realism tattoos often take longer to get done than different designs, as they are detailed and, when well done, stunning pieces of art. 

Reproducing a picture or realistic design onto someone’s skin is an art that requires years of experience. You might not see it at first glance, but you can be sure that it needs a lot of dedication and hard work from your chosen artist to ink your skin with such a piece of art.

Realistic tattoos age as well as others. The ink might not stay consistent over the years due to sun exposure and other criteria. However, a quality ink will stay vibrant longer and by selecting your tattoo studio with care, you are ensuring a positive experience in the long run for your realistic or photorealism ink. 

Realistic and portrait Tattoo