Watercolor, Color and Sketch Tattoo

Watercolor and Color Tattoos

There is nothing more artistic than a sketch tattoo or a watercolor tattoo. Both tend to imitate the artist's sketching, prework, or painting. These types of tats reproduce the brushstroke and the color palette of the watercolor painting we have been admiring in museums for ages.

Watercolor tattoos represent beautifully abstract designs. Meanings and symbols are endless. The fantastic mix of colors due to artists' skills and experience are stunning - with or without the use of black outlines. This approach to tattooing is recent and not as easy as it may look. Working on paper or canvas and working on your skin is an entirely different process that requires experience and patience. 

Trust our talented artists here at The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin. They know what they are doing when it comes to color or watercolor tattoos. You can get a perfect reproduction of a Van Gogh or a Monnet on your skin with a vibrant blending of colors. When you search for an artist that will ink you with a dynamic and colorful tattoo, you must pay attention on the color set he or she uses. Color and Watercolor artists love mixing a broad palette of inks. One of our team members is a collector as he utilizes a full set of 104 ink bottles to perform his art. 

Sketch Tattoos

Maybe less popular than watercolor at the beginning, sketch tattoos have become more and more appreciated. Artists are now embracing this style that was quite discreet for some time. Sometimes even mixing colors or watercolors for an even more poetic or creative effect. We particularly like them as well as they often are a pure creation from the pencil to your skin. Sketches give stunning effects on the skin and have their way to be a less time-consuming inking process and therefore minimize the amount of pain involved. Some tattooists are known worldwide for the unique sketch style they apply in both their painting and tattoo art. 

Sketch tattoos mix well with other styles of ink, as the sketch is usually a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work. It is performed by artists of all influences to catch a moment, record an idea, and prepare a future production. Therefore, it is possible to ask your tattooist to create a bespoke project that will fusion a sketch tattoo with a more elaborate or finished piece. 

Watercolor, Color and Sketch Tattoo