Black work

“Blackwork and Darkwork Tattoos”

The Trend of Blackwork and Darkwork Tattoos styles

What is Black Tattooing (or tattoo blackwork)?

All the dark variants are here: bold or fine-line, dotwork, and whip shade allow talented artists to create mystical patterns with magical effects. The blackwork tattoo designs asked for are predominantly tribal or neo-tribal inspired; however, the possibilities are endless.

The Blackwork style is familiar from Paris to Dublin, even if it recently benefited from broad media coverage. Black is the first and most influential color in Blackwork or Darkwork, and artists have used the color since the creation of tattooing in ancestral tribes. Blackwork tattoos are much more than a recent trend as it is ultimately connected to the origin of tattooing.

Is Blackwork different from Black and Grey Tattoo?

Blackwork tattoos are different from Black and Grey Tattoos. The main difference is that the blackwork tattoo technique uses only black ink, while black and grey pieces of art require black and white colors.

Tattoo Blackwork: Solid Black and Total Blackout Tattoos

We are pleased to see that the artists redefined the art of Blackwork tattoos by bringing original ideas with their techniques and skills. Some of them specialize only in this timeless tattoo style and contribute to the evolution of our art. Almost any design can be interpreted and prepared to fit a total black ink, and they are ideal for covering up older tattoos with a new stunning project. If you are up to it, we perform full blackout tattoos using solid black ink.

However, going for a solid blackout sleeve or any other massive piece is a deep commitment. Indeed, this ink intends to say for good and will be way more challenging to get laser removed if you don't like it anymore over time.

Best Blackwork Tattoo Artist and Creativity

You can rework a blackout piece of art by adding white ink to create dimension and a completely new look. Likewise, building a solid black ink tat, including a brushstroke effect, is the latest trend in the tattooing field. They are both considered technical challenges in the industry that professional artists enjoy working with.

Black is a powerful and symbolic color that looks stunning on any skin type and is the original and pure tattoo color. You will spot black as the unique tone in most tattoos. Even with one tint, the technics, and skills we build on allow us to push the boundaries of tattooing art.

We enjoy a new challenge here at The Black Hat Tattoo. The Blackwork or Darkwork styles allow you to choose from many designs or create your own with an artist from the studio. There are always new ideas coming to the minds of our amazingly talented team.

Blackwork Tattoo on Arms, Legs, and other possible locations

If you're a fan of black, you may wonder where to wear your black ink best. Arms and legs are usually perfect places for such art pieces and are often chosen by customers.

Check out our Tattoo Gallery, and feel free to pass by for a free consultation with one of our artists. If like us, you're a fan of black ink, they will help you to match with the right artist for your project, pick the right tattoo location, and design unique pieces of art for your body.

Black work