Coverup Tattoos

What Do I Need To Know About Cover-Up Tattoo?

Did you let an old friend practice on your skin with a cheap tattoo kit or did you put your trust into a person you shouldn’t have? Well, you want to get rid of the tattoo you did when you were 18 years old. It’s just not you anymore, and you can’t stand seeing it on your skin. Don’t give up, a cover-up Tattoo doesn’t always need to be very dark, there are many possibilities. It might be challenging, yes, but challenging doesn’t mean impossible. 

Do I Need Laser Removal Before My Cover-Up? 

A cover-up tattoo is not an easy job that can be undertaken by any artist. It requires a lot of experience, and you are right to seek for the best artist in Dublin when it comes to getting inked a second time on the same spot. In The Black Hat Tattoo, we are proud to have gifted artists who collaborate with us in our studio that are skilled enough for it. 

About Laser removal, to be able to treat the different type of tattoos a professional practitioner will have a different kind of laser and not only one that fits everyone. Proper medical training and equipment is a considerable investment, and there is no place for low-quality installation when it comes to laser removal. Besides, it is not always necessary to get some prior laser removal. Most of our customers who have reached us just didn’t need it. In The Black Hat Tattoo, our artists don’t push you to go for a laser removal if they estimate you don’t really need to. 

What’s My Next Step For A Cover-Up? 

So what do you have to do? First, reach us for a free consultation, you need time with an artist to see what you can do and what you cannot do. We are going to build your new project, listen to the advice of your artist, it is essential to be open-minded, the result will be stunning. Have a look at our gallery, I am sure there is some of them that you wouldn’t have guessed that they were a cover-up. 

Coverup Tattoos