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The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

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Welcome to Black Hat Tattoo Dublin!

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Is it the right place for me?

➲ You are a first timer and seek advice on the path to follow for your tattoo project.
➲ You are looking for a great spot and to chill out during your tattoo experience in Dublin.
➲ You crave to collaborate with Dublin’s top class artists who have a bunch of dope skills creating long-lasting art pieces on skin.

➲ You want to get tattooed in a nice and friendly atmosphere where the whole team will put you at ease during the whole process.
➲ You have roughly an idea of what you want but need a specialist to help you design your next ink into a unique and custom design.
➲ Or you know exactly what you want and wish to be matched by our amazing team with the artist whose style is perfect for what you need.
➲ You fancy a tattoo but are not quite sure of what to get. You want some advice and are ready to start discussing it.
➲ You are picky on quality, from the inks and materials and prefer a studio that respects strict hygienic methods.

We are looking forward to welcoming you into the Tattoo community in Dublin.

Tattoo Galleries

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Tattoo Prices

James Kennedy - Classic Tattoo Oldschool Flower color bold lines - Artist Portfolio - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin 2018

Tattoo Galleries

Tattoo After Care - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Tattoo Aftercare

Piercing Galleries

Oral Piercing - Piercing Dublin The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Piercing Galleries

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Piercing Prices

Piercing After Care - Saline Solution - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Piercing Aftercare

We believe that every passion leads to excellence.
We are a collective of artists who collaborate together in the pursuit of the same values.
We believe that tattooing is an art and has to be done in the respect of the customer and the artist.

We believe that every passion leads to excellence and we at The Black Hat Tattoo Studio work only to reach this excellence.
We care about the quality of our work, from the inks and materials we use to the respect of a strict hygienic process in order to provide high quality, unique and custom tattoos.
We collaborate with some of the worlds best artists either as resident or guest artists in our studio situated in the heart of Dublin.
We care for our customers from the very first step into our studio until the completion of the tattoo process.
No matter if your tattoo is big or small each piece is special for us, we know that a tattoo is a big commitment and we are happy to help our customers build their projects.
We are always available to answer all of the questions you may have and welcome you for a consultation in a warm and friendly environment.


What Clients Say


James Kennedy did an amazing job, and everybody are extremely friendly. Love this place!Jesper K. L. Jørgensen

5 out of 5


Lovely staff.. great atmosphere and Sergey is the best tattoo artist I have ever seen... I am one session away from finishing a full sleeve and he has done an amazing job.Gary Poynton

5 out of 5


Had an absolutely brilliant experience. Sergy rock at what do and I can wholeheartedly recommend their work. The studio is super!!!René Van Zyl

5 out of 5


11 Parnell Street Dublin 1


Monday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm


+353 1 561 56 63



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