Watercolor, Color and Sketch Tattoo

There is nothing that looks more artistic than a sketch tattoo or a watercolour tattoo. They both tend to imitate the artists sketching, prework or painting. These types of tattoos reproduce the brushstroke and the colour palette of the watercolour painting we admire in museums for ages.

Watercolor tattoos represent beautifully abstract designs. Meanings and symbols are endless. The amazing mix of colours due to artist skills and experience are stunning with or without using black outlines. This approch to tattooing is recent and not as easy as it may look. Working on paper or canvas and working on your skin are a completely different business and requires experience and patience. Trust our talented artists here at The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin. They know what they are doing when it comes to colour or watercolor tattoos. You can get a perfect reproduction of a Van Gogh or a Monnet on your skin with a vibrant blending of colors.

Maybe less popular at their beginnings, sketch tattoos have become more and more appreciated. Sometimes even mixing with colors or watercolors for an even more poetic or creative effect. We have to say that we particularly like them as well as they often are a pure creation from the pencil to your skin.

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