Quote and Script Tattoo

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” What do you think about it? Pretty cool quote from Emile Zola right?

We’ve all been and will continue to be inspired by beautiful poetry, song lyrics, talented authors, or quotes that drive us through our daily life, help us to understand the deep meaning of life or give us hope when feel down. Travel, hope and family bonds are popular themes when it comes to writing it permanently into your skin but not only, we see amazing ideas of tattoos as a rite of passage or to represent a recovery after a physical or spiritual trauma. Look twice the next time that this tattooed lovely lady crosses your path, you are certainly facing a beautiful soul.

Script and quote tattoos are an awesome choice and good fits for anybody. There are words in the flesh and stories behind them that deserve to go through the tattoo process. There is font, designs, language and ink choice that makes each of them unique. There are deep emotion and meanings when you go for such a commitment. From the font you chose to the exact words you ink into your skin.

The journey of these type of tattoos is unpredictable, fascinating and seems to never end. Some Artists specialise in lettering and their creativity and patience is impressive.

Our remarkable artist team will guide you through this process and if needed, help you to find the typography design that represent your emotional state the most.