Black Work Tattoo

All the variants of Black are here: bold or fine line, dot work and whip shade allow talented artists to create mystical patterns with supernatural effects.

The designs asked for are mostly tribal or neo-tribal inspired however the possibilities are endless. The Blackwork tattoo style is not a new tattoo style even if it seems to benefit from a large media coverage recently. Black is the first color that appears in tattoos and has been used by artist since the creation of tattooing in the ancestral tribes. Blackwork tattoos are much more than a recent trend as it is completely connected to the origin of tattooing.

We are pleased to see that the artist redefined the art of Blackwork tattoos by bringing new ideas with their techniques and skills. Some of them specialize only in this timeless tattoo style and contribute to the evolution of our art. Black is a powerful and symbolic color that looks stunning on any skin type.

Blackwork tattoo allow you to choose from a lot of designs or create your own with an artist here in The Black Hat Tattoo as there is always new ideas coming to the minds of our amazing talented artists.

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