Tribal, Maori and Polynesian Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos: An Ancestral Tradition

Tattooing has been part of spiritual cultures such as Tribal Tattoo, Neo-tribal Tattoo, Maori Tattoo, Polynesian Tattoos, or those performed in Samoa or Aotearoa tribes in New Zealand. For many tribal societies, tattooing was a ritual used to mark the life transitions and even more. Maori and Polynesian tribes are the most popular around the world. In these societies, the social position was inked in the skin of their members. Only the members of the tribe or the cultural system were then able to read these marking. Only them and few initiated tattoo artist who have deeply studied the wonderful knowledge and wisdom of Maori and Polynesian tattoo cultures.

Polynesian, Tribal Or Maori? 

In The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin, we have two artists that have established the link between theses ancestral tribes and us. We are proud to say that they are passionate about this and what they bring for us to see is fantastic.

Each of these tribal tattoo designs is unique and custom-designed for you in your favorite style. Tribal or Maori Tattoos have to be considered as completely different languages with each of them having their own standards and rules to follow. 

If you are looking for one of the best tattoo studio in Dublin to get a meaningful ancestral tribal tattoo, you are in right hand with the fantastic guys and gals we have here in The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin.

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