Tattoos for men

We believe in gender equality, there is no Tattoo for men or Tattoo for woman, in the Black Hat Tattoo we ink our customers skin with what represents them the most. The same tattoo idea can lead to different designs according to the artist style, talent and skills.

We are blessed to have an amazing team of artists highly creative and able to guide you through your tattoo choice. We have a range of unisex designs that fits all genders. The only source of inspiration is you and the only limit is our artist team imagination.

But it is true that some tattoo designs are more asked for men or some styles fit more with male expectations. That’s why we decided to create a Gallery of tattoos for men that show the most common tattoo ideas that pop up when it comes to pick a tattoo for men.

These tattoos are vibrant and stunning, we dare you to look at them without calling us to book a free consultation or an appointment straight after. We believe that a tattoo experience is an important step in a life, and we care for our customers from the first contact to the completion of the healing process.

Check our Tattoo Gallery, feel free to pass by for a free consultation with one of our artist.