Irish and Celtic Tattoo

Do you know the difference between a shamrock tattoo and a clover tattoo? The shamrock is associated to Saint Patrick, according to the Irish legend, he used the tree-leaved plant as a metaphor for the holy trinity when he was first introducing Christianity to Ireland.

The Clover, is the one that going to bring you good luck. In Ireland, we often say that if you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.

We value the Irish history, there is members of our staff that have studied Gaelic at school, as all Irish children do, but not all of them remember. That’s a strong asset to guide you to choose the accurate signification for an Ogham Tattoo or a Gaelic script tattoo or design.

Many of our customers have Irish ancestors or Viking roots and that’s why they reach us. The Celtic cross tattoo is far from the only design you can get, there is a variew of options and with a customization by our talented team of tattoo artists you will get a unique tattoo done during your stay in Dublin.

There is an infinite amount of variations of possibilities when it comes to Celtic and Irish tattoo designs. There is not a shamrock tattoo or a Guinness harp tattoo that looks like another one. If you bring us your idea, our amazing team in The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin will be happy to design for you the best they can do.

Have look at our Irish and Celtic Tattoo Gallery, there is plenty of good tattoo ideas and remember the possibilities are endless.