Does my Tattoo will look bad when I will start to age ?

The skin and flesh change in some places as you age but that doesn’t mean that your tattoo will look bad. Tattoo tends to fade over time, colors tend to fade more than black and you may need to get re-inked. The type and quality of the ink used by the Tattoo studio or artist will really change the quality of the tattoo over the time.

There are several places where you can get a tattoo that won’t change too much over the years. Tattoo on hands, foot and head/neck tends to fade away faster than other parts of the body and requires regularly touch up.

Finally, keep in mind that often a tattoo that looks bad is often a tattoo that looked already bad freshly done or poorly done by a non experienced artist.

Ask your tattoo artist or the Tattoo studio staff, they like tattoos and will gives you tips to keep your tattoo as vibrant as it looks when you just got it done.

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