Adrien Boisseau

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Hi everyone!

There are a lot of new people here since I arrived in Nice, so I'd like to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me.

I'm Adrien, and I'd like to show you my work as a tattoo artist, my philosophy, my inspirations and a few other things when I have the time. Although I'm by no means immune to the aberrations of our society, I was lucky enough to have an upbringing steeped in spirituality.

I have a hard time with the mundane and the superficial, but I'm passionate about the beauty that emanates from the essence of things. That's where I find inspiration. Nature and its intelligence, traces of which can be found everywhere; what some call sacred geometry, fractals or cymatics, for example. The forms that are created and found as much in the sand beneath the waves as in the clouds. But also the depths of the spirit, with its joys and sorrows, the magic of evolution and transformation, relationships and the human experience...

After studying cabinet-making and sculpture, which enabled me to acquire a certain level of drawing and dexterity, the universe opened the doors to the world of tattooing. Or perhaps it was chance...

I'm often asked "What's your style?", and I never really have an answer. I have my inspirations and my vision, but my style is often the one I create myself by working with you!

I'm now based in Nice at Black Hat Nice, the shop and the team are really great, so don't hesitate to come and have a chat or get some information, we'll be delighted to welcome you!

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