Tattoo Prices

In the Black Hat Tattoo, all the consultations are free of charge. Feel free to reach us to book a time with an artist or just pop in when you are ready. We have more time between 11am to 12pm and 6pm to 7pm.

A consultation is mostly a chat with your chosen artist during 15 to 30 minutes, sometimes the artist may already start to draft your project to genuinely using this time to give you an overview to what you can expect.

When you are ready to book in, a deposit is required to secure your appointment. Your drawing or Tattoo sketch will be ready from 2-3 days before to the day of your appointment. Your artist may have to finish few details with you at the venue to make sure he match with all your expectations for a perfect tailored result.

Each artist in The Black Hat Tattoo studio has different skills and experience which make the team up to all the challenges and projects you may come with. The most important for us is that you find the right artist for your project. The price of your Tattoo may vary according to the size, the type of tattoo and the skills needed to realize it. Feel free to reach us for any question you may have.

A deposit is required for any appointment or drawing. You must give a 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule and appointment or your deposit will be forfeited. Deposits are not refundable either when the drawing has been communicate to the customer.  Deposits are only good toward your complete tattoo price or your tattoo drawing (deposits will be credited to the final session price of a multi session tattoo).

Most of our products are non-animals tested and we care about tattoo inks toxicity.

Some Tattoo inks contains a wide range of chemicals and heavy metals, including some that are potentially toxic.

We know that such risk exists and that’s why we only work with manufacturers which make significant efforts to ensure safe, nontoxic tattoo inks. We also ask our artists to avoid using any product in the Black Hat Tattoo Studio that isn’t approved by the European Commission.

It always had been and will always be a priority for us to provide to our customers high quality tattoo ink that create vibrant and stunning results and always minor the allergic risk reactions or health damages.