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Tattoo Artist Collaboration

Tattoo Artist Collab

We help talented people to live up to their artistic potential

In the Black Hat Tattoo, we help tattoo artists fulfil their potential with love, discipline, and trust. Our values, people first, excellence, respect, creativity, and team spirit are grounded within the organisation. We are serious about art creation. We are committed to creating an environment for artistic people to flourish. All are respected for their art, and nothing is never done without the artist explicit consent.

Creativity is done best when they have the proper equipment, a stable income, and a positive environment. We aim to provide these conditions for our Tattoo Artists at the Black Hat Tattoo.

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What’s in for me?

We help tattoo artists to fulfill their potential. The Black Hat Tattoo provides services to independent Tattoo Artists to carry their business in the best conditions.

We connect tattoo clients and tattoo artists:

  • Online visibility: social media of the brand.
  • Pre-sales, Bookings and After-sales services

We provide a work environment for tattoo artists to flourish:

  • Fully equipped tattoo shop
  • Shop Management

How much does the services costs?

The price for the services we provide is 50% of the Tattoo Client price.

If you ever wonder how much you can make as a Tattoo Artist with the Black Hat, here is your answer.

The average tattoo artist gross salary in Ireland is €28,495 or an equivalent hourly rate of €14 according to a study done by the salary expert.

Since 2016, our Tattoo Artists earn between €1,800 and €4,000 per month for themselves with this collaboration conditions.

This option work best for artists that haven’t their stable customer base yet and don’t feel comfortable in managing their planning and customers themselves.

If you want to learn more about tattoo prices and booking requirement for tattoo clients, read here.

Who pays?

The tattoo client pays

  • First part to the Tattoo Studio before the tattoo session « deposit »
  • Second part to the Tattoo Studio after the tattoo session.
  • Third part to the Tattoo Artist after the tattoo session.


Alan gets a full day session for a total price of €800 with Sergy.

Alan pays €150 deposit to secure the booking one month before the appointment.

On the day, Alan pays €400 minus the €150 deposit to the tattoo shop, which equals to €250.

On the day, Alan pays €400 to Sergy, the tattoo artist.

What if I want to manage my Tattoo Clients myself?

You are the boss. We provide for you:

  • Fully equipped tattoo shop.
  • Online visibility: social media of the brand.
  • Booking management between the shop and the Tattoo Artist.

How much? 

We ask for a payment of €150 each day you book a space to work in the shop regardless of the number of Tattoo Clients you have during the day.

There is no limit on how much a Tattoo Artist can earn with these collaboration conditions. This option is best suited to a senior artist with a strong customer base and willing to manage their clients themselves.

In other words, if you are a Tattoo Artist and you are fully booked most of the time with projects over €300 per day, this option will help you to gain more artistic independence and freedom.


Sergy arrange with the tattoo shop enough in advance days of the weeks where he wants to come and get his Tattoo Clients done in the shop.

Alan, Sergy’s Tattoo Client, has a full day session for a price of €800. At the end of the day, Alan pays Sergy the total amount of €800.

Sergy pays the Tattoo Shop €150 at the end of the day and keep €650 for himself.


11 Parnell Street Dublin 1


Monday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm


+353 1 561 56 63



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