Not only is it a new year, but it’s also the start of a whole new decade and we’re excited to see where the new roaring 20s take us.

The popularity of tattoos has never been higher so we can’t wait to see how designs will evolve over the next 10 years. And while it’s too early to say what the whole decade will hold, we do have a good idea of how it will start.

So, here are some of the tattoo trends you can expect to see in 2020.

Old favourites die hard

Skull with the microphone surrounded by smoke and rose on the bottom in colour on the forearmAmerican Traditional

The old, enduring favourite, American Traditional, will not lose its place in 2020. Bright, colourful, and especially floral tattoos are here to stay for a while yet. Big geometric shapes like the spiritual mandala are in too.



compass with arrows and blue cloud spilling out of it on the forearmNeo-Traditional

The art-nouveau and art-deco inspired tattoos are a more modern take on American Traditional. The use of strong outlines, subtle colours and realistic effects makes it a popular and timeless choice. And, the result is always beautiful.

photorealistic portrait of a black pitbull dog on woman's shoulderPhotorealistic

Tattoo designs have come a long way this century and photorealistic tattoos have carried the torch of its evolution. These stunning intricate 3D tattoos take inspiration from the pop art era. They are ideal for capturing a likeness of the subject that’s meaningful to you.


Trends to keep your eye on

Minimalist tattoos

These tattoos are perfect if you want something a bit more subtle that still looks great.

Minimalism takes its roots from a rejection of consumerism, a return to a simpler life. These tattoos use sharp black lines, sparse colour palettes and negative space to create a simple but elegant look.

minimalistic tattoo of field flower bouquet on the wrista realistic compass on a map through the rip in the skin

minimalist outline of an orca whale on woman's ribs







Blackwork tattoos

This trend uses a lot of black ink as the base for a strong impactful tattoo. Long popular with men, you’ll often see athletes sporting them. But the grunginess of the look has become popular with women too. The style is evolving all the time, whether you want something big and bold or more minimal.


Set your own trend at Black Hat Tattoo Studio!

These are the main trends we expect to see in the Black Hat this year. But we also expect some unique trendsetters to inspire us along the way.

If you have a dream design to get tattooed in 2020, we are always happy to help.

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