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Nose / Oral / Facial Piercing

If you are looking for a nose piercing that you will be able to hide as you wish, the septum might be a great option for you.

If you are a huge fan of the oriental and Indian beauty and want to add a nose piercing or a bindi to enhance your natural beauty, you’ve found the right place for you in Dublin.

Facial piercing such as snakebites, labret, medusa, traditional eyebrow, anti-eyebrow, cheek or tongue piercing are popular piercing around the world and there are more options than you might even think.  For example, you can pierce your tongue in the centre if you want to keep it traditional but did you know there are three more possibilities?

Our amazing team of skilled piercers is up to everything that you might want and they are happy to welcome you to perform your next facial piercing in safe conditions. They will share not only their knowledge but advise you on what you can get according to the form of your face. Check our gallery and tell us what would be your favourite.

During the healing process while applying the aftercare process, and after, it is important that you keep contact with your piercer and/or piercing studio. If you have any doubt or question, if you feel discomfort, irritation or any other symptoms that seems not to be a normal healing process, your piercer is the person skilled enough to help you during your healing process.

Facial Piercing Galleries

Septum Piercing 1 - Piercing Dublin - The Black Hat Tattoo

The Septum Piercing

Tongue Piercing - Piercing Dublin - The Black Hat Tattoo

Oral Piercing

Nostril Piercing - Dublin - The Black Hat Tattoo

The Nostril

Facial Dermal Piercing - Dublin -The Black Hat Tattoo

The Facial Dermal Piercing

The Eyebrow Piercing

Industrial or Scafford Piercing - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin 1

Piercing Prices

Nose Oral Facial Piercings - Piercing Gallery Page - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Piercing Gallery

Piercing After Care - Saline Solution - The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin

Piercing Aftercare


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