Ear Piercings

The amount of possibilities and jewellery is almost endless when it comes to ear piercings.

Maybe one of the most popular in Dublin, we don’t think twice when it’s time to add a new piercing to our collection. In the Black Hat Tattoo, we love it and are happy to welcome you to perform your next piercing in safe conditions. If you are still struggling between a rook, conch or a tragus, have a look at our gallery to find your next one.

Whether you go for rook, tragus, daith, industrial or any other ear piercing you have to seek for a skilled piercer. A professional piercer will completely make the difference between a good piercing experience and a bad one.

Ear-piercing guns often used by jewellery retailers or beauty supplies stores to pierce earlobes and ear cartilage doesn’t meet the hygiene standards needed for a piercing. The ear-piercing gun cannot be disinfected properly between customers, blood from the previous customer can contaminate the gun and this reusable device has definitely a greater risk of infection than a piercing performed with a sterile single use disposable needle.

During the healing process while applying the aftercare process for any type of piercing, and after, it is important that you keep contact with The Black Hat Team. If you have any doubt or question, if you feel discomfort, irritation or any other symptoms that seems not to be a normal healing process, your piercer is the person skilled enough to help you during your healing process.