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We at the Black Hat Tattoo are extremely proud of the engagement and skills of our piercing team. Not all piercers out there are the same - they have various skills and level; not all of them have the same experience and training; not all of them care about sterilization and hygiene. That’s why we take care of our team here at The Black Hat Tattoo Dublin because we know we have some of the best piercers Ireland has to offer.

A good attitude includes being professional, working hard and being there for you - either for a free consultation or if you need assistance during the healing process. Choose a piercer that looks professional and is able to answer all your questions rather than having a cool attitude. The Black Hat Tattoo team will advise you how to take care of your piercing from start to finish. We have our own line of aftercare, which includes a saline solution tested and approved by our team, and loved by our customers.

Only a professional piercing or tattoo studio can provide and ensure safe piercing conditions. At The Black Hat Tattoo we aim to provide the best and safest piercing experience for all of our clients. In order to ensure this, our piercer free-hands most of her piercings to avoid cross-contamination with the tools. For piercings where she cannot perform free-hand, we respect a three-step strict sterilization process.

Check our amazing piercing gallery and feel free to contact us to book your next step with The Black Hat Team.