The Nostril

The Nostril Piercing heals in 3 to 4 months and the jewellery for this include a micro barbell, a ring style or a nostril screw. Depending on your nose anatomy, your piercer might advise you on the jewellery to facilitate the healing process.

The art of piercing goes way back in history - since the ages of India to tribal cultures, when people were looking to enhance their appearance with jewellery and body piercings.

Nose piercings are currently one of the most popular piercings. It is not a mark of marital status or a tribal condition anymore.

Traditionally, the nostril piercing was placed in a way to form an equilateral triangle with the line on the side of the nose. Depending of your preferences, you can place your nose piercing higher or lower. We usually pierce where the skin is thinner as a higher placement might need extra precautions during the healing process. 

The choice is yours. Our amazing team is in charge, you have all the fun!

The piercers at The Black Hat Tattoo guarantee that they have undertaken the appropriate training with an experienced mentor and that they respect the code of ethics of the piercing industry.

Check our aftercare recommendations, and do not hesitate to contact our tattoo shop in Dublin for any questions.

The Nostril