The Industrial or Scafford Piercing

The Industrial Piercing or Scaffold Piercing is a barbell that connects the two holes in your ear. The most asked-for configuration by our customers is the one located in the upper ear cartilage. Some variations go through the tragus or the conch, or vertically behind the ear. There are no limits - only your imagination and the skills of your piercer. One more reason to visit the best piercing and tattoo studio in Dublin.

Each ear anatomy is different and what is possible for your friend might not be exactly the same for you. We always seek for the best option on your ear to allow a safe healing process and a comfortable piercing experience. At The Black Hat Tattoo our amazing team of skilled piercers are happy to welcome you for your next Industrial Piercing in safe conditions.

Ear Cartilage piercing takes 3 to 9 months to heal in normal conditions. Don’t rush it as unappropriated jewellery change too soon could lead to infection. Avoid using a dirty phone. Make sure your phone is clean or use earphones as much as you can.

During the healing process it is important that you keep contact with your piercer and/or piercing studio. If you have any doubt or questions, if you feel discomfort, irritation or any other symptoms that does not seem normal, your piercer is the person skilled to help you during your healing process.

The Industrial or Scafford Piercing