The Facial Dermal Piercing

Dermal Piercing has multiple names, also known as surface anchor or microdermal, it has become very popular recently compared to other piercings. We have to say that they look beautiful on a face or arranged as patterns on the body, especially behind the neck.

The surface piercing is done on flat areas by making an L shaped opening into the skin with a piercing needle or a dermal punch. A part of the jewellery stays under the skin and only the visible part of the jewellery can be changed.

The healing time is from 1 to 3 months. Migration and rejection are minimized by the size of the anchor inserted under your skin but the risk still remains. Avoid catching your new dermal or microdermal piercing with your clothes specially during the healing process for a happy piercing.

The piercers of The Black Hat tattoo guarantee you that they have undertaken an appropriate training with an experienced mentor and that they respect the code of ethics of the piercing industry.

Check our aftercare recommendations, and do not hesitate to keep contact with our Tattoo shop in Dublin for any question.

Once your healing process is complete with the allergy free Titanium piercing jewellery, you will be breath taken by the beauty of the jewellery you can wear. We offer a large range of handmade mineral and wood piercing jewellery that will make you the next Dublin piercing model.

The Facial Dermal Piercing