Oral Piercing

Oral piercing includes the tongue piercing and many others. You have many options when it comes to enhancing your lip area. On the upper lip, you can get the Labret Piercing, also known as the Medusa Piercing. The Monroe, Madonna Piercing or Chrome Crawford Piercing is one of the most popular requests. On the lower lips, the snakebites looks deadly. If want to go for a more discrete piercing, the center labret piercing is the one for you.

Labret Piercing (Medusa Piercing, Monroe, Madonna Piercing, or Chrome Crawford Piercing) and snakebites piercing heals between 6 to 8 weeks in normal conditions. Our customers have often many questions when they contact us. We have be addressed most of them below but do not hesitate to get in contact with our tattoo shop in Dublin for any questions related to an oral piercing.

A tongue piercing is performed in a sensitive area of your body and of course a professional piercer is mandatory. Yes, you will be able to eat with a new tongue piercing. It will not be easy at first but fasting or liquid-only diets are not necessary. Soup and smoothies are good options. Soft food and small bites will make it easier. Mashed potatoes, oatmeal or soft food that can get stuck in your mouth and jewellery are not recommended.

The Tongue Piercing heals fast, from 4 to 8 weeks, as long as you don’t play with your jewellery and avoid chewing gum and eating spicy food or beverage that might be irritating. At The Black Hat Tattoo our amazing team of skilled piercers are happy to welcome you to perform you next oral piercing under safe conditions.

During the healing process it is important that you stay in contact with your piercer and/or piercing studio. If you have any doubt or questions, if you feel discomfort, irritation or any other symptoms that do not seem normal, your piercer will help you during your healing process.

Oral Piercing