Nipple Piercing

We care about gender equality but when it comes to nipple piercing, the nipples of men and women not only have different functions but also different shapes and sizes. The healing process is unfortunately a bit longer for women as well.

Nipple piercings take 3 to 4 months to heal for men and between 6 to 9 months for women. Either rings or barbells are used as initial jewellery. Your piercer will advice according to what is possible with your anatomy. Trust your piercer's experience for this.

A nipple can be pierced only once in one session and after healing. Depending on the conditions it may get pierced a second time to have a double-pierced nipple. The most asked configuration is the horizontal barbell and the vertical barbell. After getting through it once, we are ready if you prefer more.

The piercers at The Black Hat tattoo guarantee that they have undertaken the appropriate training with an experienced mentor and that they respect the code of ethics of the piercing industry.

Check our aftercare recommendations, and do not hesitate to contact the Black Hat Tattoo studio for any questions.

Once your healing process is complete with the allergy-free Titanium piercing jewellery, you will be amazed by the beauty of the jewellery you can wear. We offer a large range of handmade mineral and wood piercing jewellery that will make you the next Dublin piercing model.

Nipple Piercing