Navel / Belly Button

Either a ring or a barbell, the navel or belly button piercing is one of the most asked-for torso piercings. You have to know that it takes between 6 to 9 months to heal, that’s why a high-quality jewellery and a professional piercer are must-haves for this.

Due to the long healing process, if you plan to get pregnant in the following year, it might be a good idea to postpone your piercing. During pregnancy, your body - especially your belly - will change. An uncomplete healing process will not go well with the body's changes during pregnancy.

Many women are wondering how to take care of their navel piercing during pregnancy. If your belly button piercing has healed and you do not feel any discomfort during pregnancy, there is no reason to change or remove your jewellery during this time.

The piercers at The Black Hat tattoo guarantee that they have undertaken appropriate training with an experienced mentor and that they respect the code of ethics of the piercing industry.

Check our aftercare recommendations, and do not hesitate to contact our Tattoo shop in Dublin for any questions.

Navel / Belly Button