It is safe to get a Tattoo? or Piercing

It is safe to get a Tattoo or a Body Piercing in a good tattoo studio.

Anybody can buy a basic equipment online and undertake a body modification for himself/herself or on others, but the practice of Tattooing and Body Piercing requires much more than an equipment and a place to get it done. All body modifications carry health risks. There is various type and levels of artist around the world and not all of them had training particularly in health safety.

Tattoo and Piercing Artist have to combine experience, artistic and technical and respect of high levels of hygiene. A high quality tattoo or piercing is a procedure executed in safe conditions in a safe environment with the proper equipment.

Only a professional studio can provide the hygiene and quality condition for a professional work. A professional Tattoo or Piercing shop should be able to explain to you the possible risk and asking you to sign a consent form.

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