How to choose a Tattoo Studio ?

There is few advice to choose the right Tattoo parlor for you.

Check online for the portfolio if the style they offer fits with your expectations. Do not use you tablet or smartphone when it’s come to have a look at the pictures, search for a quality screen and do not hesitate to zoom and check for details and line work. A good tattoo should be stunning from far and perfectly done when you zoom at it. If lines don’t look straight or if the tattoo looks blur when you zoom at it, it might be useful to investigate a bit more or checking for another studio. Remember that a professional artist or studio should have enough time and money to invest in a high quality portfolio.

You can check artist portfolios or Contact us for any questions.

Browse reviews and check the studio reputation. It is pretty easy to check online for reviews and advices. Check for good and bad reviews. If you are looking for a particular tattoo or piercing, check if the studio is skilled in this style or in this body modification. If you have a question, you should be able to reach the studio and ask any questions you may have.

Ask for recommendation, does your friends have tattoo or body piercing already?  Are they happy with the job done?  Would they go there again?

Make sure the studio is professional and safe. You can check our recommendation about how to recognize a safe tattoo studio.