How to choose a Tattoo Artist ?

As a tattoo is a very personal choice, pick a Tattoo artist is too.

There is few advice to choose the right Tattoo Artist for you.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a tattoo artist is certainly their skill level.

Usually, a good and complete artist is comfortable in different techniques. Like all artists, tattoo artists have their own style and they often specialize in what they are good at. Some tattoo artists are better at fine line tattoo, others at realism or portraits, some of them only specialise in black and grey when others love colourful piece of work. And like artists, only a few talented ones can realize almost everything.

Check for the portfolio if the style of the artist fits with your expectations. You can either check the work done and the drawings of this artist to have an idea of what he likes to do. Not all of the tattoo artist can draw, but it is definitely a strong wakeup call if the artist you target cannot show you a portfolio of pictures and sketches in the style he works into.

Do not use you tablet or smartphone when it’s come to have a look at the pictures, search for a quality screen and do not hesitate to zoom and check for details and line work. A good tattoo should be stunning from far and perfectly done when you zoom at it. If lines don’t look straight or if the tattoo looks blur when you zoom at it, it might be useful to investigate a bit more or checking for another Tattoo Artist. Remember that a professional artist should have enough time and money to invest in a high-quality portfolio.

A professional Tattoo Artist will only accept to work in conditions that are safe for themselves and for their customers. Sterile conditions cannot be met in certain environments such as at home, in pubs or food places, and don’t mix good with barbers and hairdresser’s activities.

 You can check artist portfolios or Contact us for any questions.