Do you have tattoo laser removal ?

To be able to treat the different type of tattoos (home made or professional, permanent or semi-permanent, black and grey or colors tattoos) a professional practitioner will have different type of laser and not only one that fit to everyone. 

A proper medical training and equipment is a huge investment and there is no place for low quality medical installation when is comes to health.

An important knowledge about the skin is mandatory and can only be learn with a proper few years medical education and a proper experience in dermatology. In Ireland, we all have a different type of skin and undertake a tattoo laser removal operation without addressing a professional may lead to health injuries from a burn to a skin cancer.

A serious practitioner will be aware of the last technics and invest in the most recent and performant equipment in order to offer a qualitative service that minimise the risk for your skin.

In the Black Hat Tattoo we have validate few professional clinics that respect theses values and we can refer you to them if you wish.